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Omega-Scatola 1 Orologi Replica

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Genere: Unisex
Marca: Omega
Gamma: Scatola

English Translation of “scatola” | Collins Italian-English …, Scatola. Omega-Scatola 1 Orologi Replica; accettare qc a scatola chiusa (fig) to accept sth blindly. avere le scatole piene (di qn/qc) fam to be fed up to the back teeth (with sb/sth) rompere le scatole a qn fam to get on sb’s nerves. levati o togliti dalle scatole! get out of the way! 2 ♦ scatola di cartone cardboard box. ♦ scatola cranica cranium.! ; Laura Pausini – Scatola (Official Video) – YouTube? Laura Pausini – Scatola (Official Visual Art Video) – YouTube. Laura Pausini – Scatola lyrics + English translation. English Translation of “scatola” | The official Collins Italian-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of Italian words and phrases.. because covering evil with memories. helps me not to forget. I have found you inside a box, there was your cellphone number. I’ve tried to look for you but there’s nothing to be done, who knows if you’ve forgotten about me. Who knows if you’ve forgotten about me. But I haven’t forgotten you! I haven’t forgotten you!? scatola – translate into English with the Italian-English Dictionary – Cambridge Dictionary?


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